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What’s your background working with airports and in aerospace?

I’m new to the aviation sector but I’ve been in the digital/product arena for over 10 years delivering successful products and services to the health, motor, energy, and IT industries across the US, UK, and Australia.

Why have you joined AeroCloud?

AeroCloud really struck a chord when I discovered its passion for extending the digital capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, geo-spatial data, and self-service to solve real operational problems within the airport infrastructure.

Witnessing first-hand the technology being used, we are aiding operational and customer success with incredibly short implementation times. Using my experience within product development and customer experience, I believe we have a strong foundation to break the mold of legacy systems by providing an informative data-rich platform with a route to quicker, reliable operational success.

What do you hope to achieve with AeroCloud?

My ambition is to help drive the success of the AeroCloud platform globally. Enabling airports to manage and connect with their operational stakeholders with ease, using powerful datasets and self-service capabilities.

I’m excited to be solving operational challenges with real customer feedback, driving the next generation of aviation management solutions.

When you’re not helping airports solve operational challenges, what do you like to do?

When freedom allows, you’ll usually see me hiking up mountains around the English Lakes and countryside. I love scuba diving but my latest challenge is currently learning to fly. My absolute favorite things to enjoy are pizza and a good Netflix binge.

You can connect with Danny via LinkedIn