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AeroCloud brings innovation to Norfolk International Airport

20th October 2022

AeroCloud has won a contract to provide its Gate Management System (GMS) and Flight Management System (FMS) for Norfolk International Airport (ORF).


To increase throughput after adding 20 new destinations since bringing on Breeze and Allegiant Airlines, Norfolk International Airport is focused on automating many core airport services, including allocating aircraft parking positions and tracking the aerial and ground locations of arriving and departing aircraft.


Users will have access to an open architecture platform which provides insights into flight operations and passenger behaviour, facilitating capacity forecasting and increased agility with daily operations.


George Richardson, CEO and Co-Founder of AeroCloud, said: “With our state-of-the-art modular platform, Norfolk International will benefit from a unique solution which will improve the experience of the 3.5 million passengers who pass through the airport each year. We’re shaking the industry up – airports deserve better, and we are providing the infrastructure to achieve this”.


AeroCloud offers airports a cost-effective and revolutionary approach to improving and developing their management systems whilst requiring little or no capital outlay.


Richardson added: “Norfolk International operates in a delicate ecological sanctuary, and AeroCloud’s GMS will allow the airport to expand its capacity whilst avoiding the environmental impact and cost of additional infrastructure. Our flight and gate management systems will enable the airport to grow and ultimately better serve its airlines, operators and passengers whilst avoiding the negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem through further development.”


“It’s a fail-safe solution, and we applaud Norfolk International Airport’s values-led approach to innovation and efficiency.”


By utilising specialist tools embedded within the system, AeroCloud’s software also allows airports to see and respond to potential gate conflicts, peaks, and troughs in passenger levels.


Andrew Hoppe, Director of Airport Engagement, Americas, for AeroCloud, said: “Our product automates the manual tasks of the operations team, is cost-effective, flexible, and offers customers unlimited user licenses in a proven mission-critical solution- that’s what appealed to Norfolk International.”


“Our GMS is cutting edge and will enable their team to automate their week of operations planning and respond to tactical day of changes based on accurate real-time data. Airports have been asking for this for years, and AeroCloud is the only company to deliver it to them.”


AeroCloud’s operations management systems will be in place from Q4 2022 under an initial three-year contract. Norfolk International Airport is one of the US’ fastest growing airports and was recently upgraded to Medium Hub class by the FAA.


This latest news follows AeroCloud’s recent announcements of its expansion into Nassau (NAS), the Bahamas’ main airport and Eastern Iowa Airport. Further roll-outs of its systems and approach are planned across American and European airports in the forthcoming months.


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