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Gate Management

Optimise your gate management with AI and machine learning

Our intelligent cloud-native platform makes our gate management module (GMS) fast and efficient. Available from anywhere and on any device, save costs on dedicated hardware and manage your gate use while on the move.

  • Makes airport gate allocation easier to manage
  • AI and machine learning automatically plans your gate use based on real-time flight data
  • Flexible gate ownership – switch from airport to airline operated at the touch of a button (mini set-up required)
  • No limit on the number of users – offer access to all invested stakeholders
  • Track usage metrics

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Features and Benefits of AeroCloud’s Gate Management module

AeroCloud’s GMS offers an intelligent way to operate gate management at your airport from anywhere and on any device.

AI and machine learning-driven optimisation

Our GMS will automatically plan your gate usage based on real-time flight data. No need to upload spreadsheets and manually manipulate data.

Flexible gate ownership

Change gate ownership as needed. We can set up the system to allow you to switch from airport operated to airline operated in one click. Collaborate with airlines for new gate requests. Accept or refuse on a mobile device while you are on the move.


Set gate restrictions, plot future outages for maintenance, and schedule a gate closure.

Unlimited users

Give access to all stakeholders – There is no limit to the number of users, so you can easily offer access to all stakeholders.

Data Democratization

Track usage metrics and ensure accurate billing. Measure gate occupancy and track how airlines are using their allocation. Use in-built access controls to decide what information each stakeholder can see and do.

Forward Planning

Forecast 60 or 90 days in advance and test different scenarios against your plan. Build your schedule and see how resilient it is to unexpected events. Find capacity for new routes and carriers. Drive forward new sources of revenue.

Want to learn more about our intelligent Gate Management module? Contact our sales team and we’ll show you the full power of what AeroCloud can do.

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