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Airfield Works

Easily track airfield development projects

View and manage airport projects on a map of your airfield and a project-specific timeline.

  • Quickly and easily draw planned work areas on a map of your airport
  • Set project priorities and use colours to mark them on your map
  • Identify conflicts of resources, time and space
  • Track your progress using either timeline or map views

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Features and Benefits of our Airfield Works module

Plan efficiently and track your progress with timelines or airport map views.

Visualize planned works

Draw planned work areas quickly and easily on a map of your airport. Complex marked areas are no problem and colours show project priorities.

Avoid work conflicts

Use the timeline and map views to highlight potential conflicts with resources, time or space.

Keep track of timelines

Projects appear on a timeline based on start and end dates. The timeline and map views show the same information, letting you choose the best tracking method.

Manage project priorities

Set low, medium or high priorities for projects, which appear colour-coded on the map and timeline.

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