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Flight Information Displays

The smart way to keep passengers in the know

AeroCloud’s Flight Information Display System (FIDS) helps your arriving and departing passengers stay updated with flight and gate information.

  • View real-time scheduled flight information
  • View gate information
  • View baggage and ramp information
  • Customise content
  • Also available as our AeroCloud FIDS App

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Features and Benefits of our Flight Information Displays (FIDS) module

Real-time flight, gate, and baggage information for passengers, without the heavy hardware costs. AeroCloud’s FIDS pulls data directly from operational sources, always delivering accurate information.

Save money on dedicated hardware

AeroCloud’s FIDS uses wifi-enabled boxes that plug into any commercially available HDMI screen. Manage content via our cloud-based interface.

Easy to set up

Our straightforward solution makes it easy to set up the solution across your airport, nearby hotels and wherever else you need them. No complicated installation.

Real-time, accurate information

Automatically pulls flight and gate data directly from the AeroCloud platform, or it can be collated from other data sources. You can even include baggage and ramp information.

Customised content

Add local weather updates, news and your own messaging. Centrally manage urgent alerts and messages and issue these across all screens in the airport simultaneously.

Mobile App

Also available from IOS and Android app stores. Gives passengers access to the flight information they need whilst on the move. The app can be geo-fenced. It’s quick to set up and is inexpensive.

Want to learn more about our Flight Information Display System module? Contact our sales team, and we’ll show you the full power of what AeroCloud can do.

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