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Security Scanning Solutions

Simple and flexible passenger verification

AeroCloud’s eScan security scanning software supports passenger verification for multiple touchpoints.

  • Validates a passenger boarding pass against a central database
  • Verifies Flight Schedule validation, Duplication Checks, Passenger flight time, and optional Airline DCS validation
  • Timestamps security touchpoints
  • Can validate other site-specific tickets, including Fast Track queues and lounge access

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Features and benefits of AeroCloud’s eSCAN security scanning software

Agent Application

Provides airport staff with a simple and fast boarding pass verification interface.

Mobile App

Our optional mobile app runs on both IOS and Android devices.

Virtual Desktop

Provides secure access to virtual desktops and applications.

Gate application

Integrates with various automated gates for passenger self-scanning.

Ticket Verification

Can validate other tickets, including Fast Track queues and Lounge Access.

Landside or Airside?

Delivers the accurate tracking of passengers’ journeys from arrival to departure, as well as authenticating and validating individuals’ travel status.

Time Stamped

Feeds directly into our DCS, displaying the time stamp of each security touchpoint.


Dashboard Reporting

With real-time data from our other systems and operational use history, we can build a picture of the full passenger journey to provide a real-time overview of airport terminal operational and expected passenger flows.

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