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AeroCloud Optic Count

Count passengers in defined zones within your airport

AeroCloud Optic Count adds up how many passengers there are at any time in defined airport areas.

  • Enables airports to understand passenger volumes in real time
  • 60-day retrospective data view available
  • Delivers accurate, anonymous data that airports can confidently use to support critical operational decisions
  • Multi-award-winning, Industry-first computer vision technology

Use both our Count and Track modules where there is a need to count and track passenger flow within your airport.

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Features and Benefits of AeroCloud Optic Count

This module delivers accurate, anonymised counts of volumes of passengers in certain parts of the airport.

Accurate Passenger Counts

Records the number of passengers at any time in defined airport areas.


Uses existing CCTV infrastructure to deliver accurate, real-time operational data. Airports can add additional cameras to enhance the quality of collected data.

24/7 Data

Delivers accurate, anonymous 24 x 7 data, which can be used to monitor KPIs and support critical operational decisions and planning.

Real-Time alerts

Delivers real-time notifications triggered in response to growing crowds or overcrowding at zones subject to queues or congestion, e.g. check-in, and retail spaces, thus enabling operational staff to take action immediately.

Occupancy Insight

Gives insight into occupancy levels within defined zones, helping airport stakeholders support improvements to the passenger experience.

Pinch Points

Identifies zones where passengers congregate, providing airports with the information needed to base decisions on updates to layout and improved passenger flow.

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