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AeroCloud Optic

Passenger flow monitoring from curb to gate

AeroCloud Optic allows airports to intelligently, accurately and anonymously track and count passengers in real-time as they pass through the airport.

  • Multi-award-winning, industry-first computer vision technology
  • Identifies delays and hold-ups in real-time
  • Works in tandem with an airport’s existing CCTV system
  • It allows airports to plan more effectively at an operational level and make data-driven decisions

Features and Benefits of AeroCloud Optic


  • AeroCloud Optic automates real-time passenger flow monitoring from curb to gate.
  • Anonymised passenger tracking. No data is retained.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Delivers accurate, real-time data which airports can trust and use for key operational decisions
  • AeroCloud Optic Track and AeroCloud Optic Count are two independent modules, and both are required where the facility to count and track passenger flow is required.

AeroCloud Optic Modules

Security camera at airport

AeroCloud Optic Track

Delivers anonymous airport passenger flow monitoring from curb to gate.

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Airport departure area

AeroCloud Optic Count

Counts the number of passengers, in a defined zone within the airport, at any one time.

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Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards - AeroCloud Highly Commended for Machine Learning/AI Project of the Year.

Airport Technology Excellence Awards Passenger Tracking

Airport Technology Excellence Awards Product Launch Category

Watch how Liverpool John Lennon Airport use AeroCloud Optic

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