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Inspection Management

Ace your airport inspections

Our Inspection Management module records everything you and inspectors need to check, providing a clear audit trail for work and training.

  • Easy to use. No maintenance or upkeep overheads
  • Create custom templates for assessments and training, individually tailored to your team’s requirements
  • Manage users, set responsibilities and keep them accountable
  • Specify exact locations on the airfield with geospatial mapping
  • Undertake inspections directly from your mobile or tablet

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Features and Benefits of our Inspection Management module

Track airfield work requests and staff training in the Cloud. This module combines all the capabilities of an Airfield Inspection software solution with those of a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), creating an all-in-one solution.

Simplify processes

We have minimised keystrokes whilst organizing all the information you need to manage your airfield and breeze through FAA inspections..

Smart record management

Ensure stakeholders complete required training. Assign and record training attendance. Get alert when certifications expire.

Keep on top of necessary work

Create service requests for detected issues, capture images and prioritise critical work. Continue working, even when you don’t have an active internet connection. Manage priorities. Leave and receive comments.

Audit trails

Inspections and service requests are tracked on the dashboard. Toggle between this and a map view of your airport. Part 139 System features are also available in the work management section and vice versa.

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