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Common Use eDesktop

Shared Common Use desktop for airports, handling agents and airlines.

AeroCloud’s eDesktop is a fully managed passenger processing platform.

  • Fully managed, cloud-hosted, secure desktop
  • Extensive airline DCS and peripheral support. Fully IATA CUPPS compliant and certified
  • Allows the airport to share desks and equipment and quickly and easily switch between airline systems
  • Supports many applications and airline systems operating on the same equipment at check-in, boarding gates and other back-office locations

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Features and Benefits of AeroCloud’s Common Use eDesktop

Delivering operational efficiency through an easy-to-use interface that provides easy access to any application required at an airport.

Fully Managed

It is provided in a virtualized desktop hosted in our data centre or from a physical PC desktop. It can be remotely monitored and centrally managed by AeroCloud.


Our desktops are secure and hardened by default to prevent the risk of infection or misuse.

DCS and Airline support

All major DCS systems already operate on our platform. After logging in, our simple, graphical menu gives users a list of airlines to select.

Simplified Device Access

Simple integration methods allow for the easy integration of DCS applications.

API and Data

Open API layer for exchange of data with other systems. Captures all relevant system data with a web-based platform for viewing reports, including desk usage, device counts and passenger data.

IATA CUPPS compliance

Fully IATA CUPPS RP 1797 compliant, providing a standardized interface for multiple airlines, service providers or other users to simultaneously or consecutively share physical check-in or gate podium positions.

Straightforward migration path

eDesktop can be deployed quickly and easily and allow existing equipment reuse.

Mobile Application

Run from Windows, Android and iOS devices deployed at your airport.

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