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AeroCloud Optic Track

Passenger tracking from curb to gate

AeroCloud Optic Track is our multi-award-winning, industry-first computer vision technology that delivers anonymous passenger tracking in defined airport zones.

  • Enables airports to track the customer journey from curb to gate
  • Allows airports to identify real-time delays and hold-ups in different zones, adjust operations, and redirect staff accordingly
  • Delivers accurate, anonymous 24 x 7 data that airports can confidently use to support critical operational decisions
  • Provides data insights which can be used by stakeholders to make informed improvements to the passenger experience and to increase revenue streams

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Features and Benefits of AeroCloud Optic Track

Paul Staples, Operations Director at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, has described AeroCloud Optic Track as “the holy grail of commercial activity in an airport”.

Curb to Gate Passenger Tracking


Records anonymised passenger journeys through the airport from curb to gate.



Uses existing CCTV infrastructure to deliver accurate, real-time operational data. Airports can add additional cameras to enhance the quality of collected data.

24 x 7 Data


Delivers accurate, anonymous 24 x 7 passenger tracking data, which can be used to monitor KPIs and support critical operational decisions and planning.

Real-Time alerts


Delivers real-time notifications triggered in response to delays and SLA breaches at zones subject to queues, e.g. check-in or security delays, enabling operational staff to take action immediately.

Dwell Time

Measures dwell time at an individual, anonymised level in different zones and from curb to gate, generating accurate passenger tracking data which stakeholders can use to support key operational planning.

Informs Decision-Making


Offers data insights that airport stakeholders can use to make calculated improvements to the passenger experience, remove inefficient services, use staff more effectively, and take steps to increase commercial revenues.

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