Intelligent Airport Management

Our platform makes operations teams' lives easier and

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In the 21st century, your airport operations should be lean, agile, and accurate.

Your processes and software shouldn’t slow you down or stop you from getting up from your desk to deal with what’s important. Technology should work for you, not dictate how you spend your day. We get your operations to where you want them by deploying:

Our intelligent airport management platform built on leading-edge technology.

Our team of problem solvers dedicated to helping you with operational challenges.

“The implementation was really fast, and everyone at AeroCloud understood what we were trying to do. The team always put themselves out to help solve any problems we have. They’re more like a partner..."

Lionel Guilbert, Senior Vice President of Operations & Public Safety at Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. And happy AeroCloud customer.

Our intelligent airport management platform

AeroCloud's platform makes operations teams' lives easier by increasing situational awareness, automating tasks, and ensuring everyone across the airport gets the information they need. We've built the platform around independent modules that solve specific challenges - so you only pay for the parts that help you.

The platform is 100% cloud-native, meaning it's available anywhere on any device; you can even run your airport from home. The platform includes leading-edge features like AI and machine learning at a price point within reach for airports of all sizes.

Our data feed is compiled from AeroCloud’s own AI, passenger-collected data, and machine learning alongside FAA SWIM, US DoT and OAG.

Flight Management

Track all inbound and outbound flights automatically, and add new flights as needed. Measure on block and off block times to ensure accurate billing. Get a detailed overview of day of ops at your airport.

Situational Awareness

Based on ADS-B technology - almost like a virtual tower. Inbound and outbound flights are tracked automatically at your airport and up to 300 nautical miles around it - no need for manual tracking or spreadsheets.

Passenger Prediction

Passenger predictions based on our machine learning algorithms. It shows accurately estimated passenger numbers based on your historical data and learns to make better forecasts the more information it has.

Gate Management

Optimized with machine learning - faster, easier, and available from anywhere on any device. Save costs on dedicated work stations and servers, and don't get chained to your desk.


Real-time flight, gate, and baggage information for passengers, without the heavy hardware costs. AeroFIDS pulls data directly from operational sources, so information is always accurate. And also available - the AeroFIDS mobile app. No need to develop your own passenger app.

Inspection Management

Ace your inspections - track airfield work requests and staff training. Give stakeholders the access they need to keep on top of work requests and ensure they've completed required training.

Remote Stand Plan

Save hours planning RONs and long term parking and ensure accurate billing. Remote Stand Plan lets you try different configurations on a map of your airfield.

Lease Management

Maximize lease and concession revenue and improve efficiency. Ensure concession opportunities are maximized - forecast revenues, check on lease availability, and easily set and apply rates.

Airfield Works

Easily track airfield development projects. View and manage projects on a map of your airfield and a timeline.

Meet the founders

George Richardson

George is AeroCloud’s energetic CEO. He is passionate about building a tech unicorn in the North West of England.

George leads AeroCloud’s commercial operations and is one of the fastest ever successful applicants to the US Federal Government purchasing schedule, gaining AeroCloud vital traction to speed up the complex government procurement process.

Before co-founding AeroCloud Systems, George was a professional race car driver who competed in the European Le Mans Series and was the youngest British driver ever to podium at the Indianapolis Brickyard.

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Ian Forde-Smith

Ian is AeroCloud’s sharp and perceptive CTO and has been in the aviation industry for 30 years.

Ian combines cutting-edge software skills with deep industry experience and is the lead architect behind AeroCloud's world-class SaaS-based technology platform. He is passionate about the application of AI and machine learning to solve real problems faced by airports.

Ian has previously built and sold businesses in the airport operations sector. He was a co-founder of FS Walker Hughes, where he led the development of its Chroma Suite technology, acquired by Amor Group in 2011.

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