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Self Service Solutions

Common Use Self-Service Solutions (CUSS)

Self-service is the new standard in passenger processing, giving passengers a choice of ways to check in for flights and delivering operational and resource efficiencies for airports. AeroCloud’s airport self-service solutions empower airports to deliver a seamless and intuitive passenger journey.

  • Offers passengers great choice and flexibility when checking in
  • Reduces queues at check-in desks and bag drops
  • Revolutionises the utilisation of check-in areas
  • Delivers a frictionless passenger experience

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Self-Service Kiosks


Our Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) Kiosks deliver a frictionless passenger experience, enabling travellers to move efficiently and autonomously through the airport.

Supports Check-In

Passport readers, bag tag and receipt printing, payment devices and frequent flyer card readers are included as standard.

Flexible Deployment

Our kiosks can be deployed in a single or multiple-step bag drop process.

Easy To Accommodate

Designed with a slimline chassis and a reduced footprint, our latest kiosk design will easily slot into existing check-in hall layouts.

Assembled In Britain

We manufacture our kiosks on demand in the UK using trusted partners. This allows us to modify and customise as needed for each customer.

Bag Tag Printing Kiosks

Our airport bag tag printing kiosks enable customers to organise and print bag tags for their luggage.

Self Service

Offers customers the ability to manage their own bag tag printing and allocation as part of the self-service passenger experience.

Passenger Mobile Apps

AeroCloud’s self-service airport passenger mobile apps enable contactless passenger processing and bag drop, powered by the customer’s mobile device.

Frictionless Travel

Our mobile app solutions include Biometric Enrollment and Contactless Kiosk applications.

Automated Gates

AeroCloud’s Passenger Verification solutions includes our passenger validation application, eScan and automated gate hardware.

Gate Application

Operates a range of gate hardware and integrates with various automated gates for passenger self-scanning.

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