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Airport Operations System

Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and boost performance

Our Airport Operations System (AOS) empowers airports with cutting-edge technology to optimize operations and enhance the passenger experience.

Our platform, which we call iAMS, is a modular, cloud-native Intelligent Airport Management System. It delivers a comprehensive suite of leading-edge, flexible solutions designed to revolutionize your airport’s operations. Every cost-effective module can be tailored to suit the requirements of your airport, and we will seamlessly integrate each one into your operation.

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Features and Benefits of AeroCloud’s Airport Operations System

  • Zero limits on users and no charges for user licences.
  • Can be configured to allow access to all airport stakeholders, ensuring the right people can get the information they need to do their jobs and improving collaboration.
  • Available from anywhere on any device – you could even run your airport operations from home!
  • It is modular, scaleable, and offers great value for money. You choose and pay just for the parts you need to run your airport.
  • We focus on automating tasks, saving you time and money
  • Built on cloud-native leading-edge technology, our software is fast, lightweight and flexible, allowing us to keep meeting our customers’ needs.

Airport Operations System Modules

Plane landing at airport at sunset - AeroCloud's Flight Management

Flight Management

Track all inbound and outbound flights automatically. Add new flights as needed. Measure on-block and off-block times to ensure accurate billing. Get a detailed overview of the day of ops at your airport.

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Aeroplane at gate at sunset with plane taking off in the background

Gate Management

Optimize your gate management with AI and machine learning. Our platform is available anywhere on any device, making gate management faster and easier to operate.

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Woman checking flight departure boards at airport

Flight Information Displays

Provide flight information based on Situational Awareness data. Let airport users know schedules and weather updates. Help FBOs provide services based on real-time information.

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Aerial view of airport and runway

Inspection Management

Ace your inspections – track airfield work requests and staff training. Give the right stakeholders the access they need.

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Man using tablet on the move for work

Asset Management

Stay on top of the minutiae of airport asset management and streamline the processes that underpin it.

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Looking into the distance along an airport runway

Airfield Works

Manage airfield development projects with a clear overview of project timelines and locations marked on a comprehensive map.

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Planes parked on runway - AeroCloud's Remote Stand Management

Remote Stand Plan

Plan for the expected and unexpected. Save hours planning Remain Overnights (RONS) and long-term parking. Ensure accurate billing.

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More solutions to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and boost performance across your airport

Alongside our intelligent Airport Operations System, AeroCloud provides Common Use Passenger Processing and Self-Service solutions and our industry-first passenger track and count technology, AeroCloud Optic. Explore our innovative range of leading-edge products and elevate your airport’s operational capabilities.

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