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Remote Stand Plan

Plan for the expected and unexpected

Use AeroCloud’s Remote Stand plan module to save hours planning Remain Overnights (RONS) and long-term parking, and ensure accurate billing.

  • Save time and plan flexibly to accommodate last-minute changes
  • Maximise the utilization of your available capacity
  • Create detailed visual airfield overviews using actual aircraft models
  • Ensure accurate billing

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Features and Benefits of our Remote Stand Plan Module

Our Remote Stand Plan uses Google Maps data to overview your airfield visually and try different configurations on your airfield map. Update it with details specific to your site.

Save planning time

Plan Remain Overnights (RONS) and long-term parking. Try different configurations to maximise the utilisation of available capacity. Mark up, label and colour areas as in use or out of service.

Anticipate the unexpected

Take last-minute changes in your stride. Utilise your airfield capacity to the full so you don’t run out of space. During the Covid-19 pandemic, airports used our Remote Stand Plan to find space for grounded aircraft when restrictions came into force.

Accurate Modelling

Model your airfield using actual aircraft models. Pick from a list of the most popular aircraft with accurate dimensions and maximum take-off weights (MTOWS). You can also allocate each aircraft’s tail numbers or other identifiers

Accurate billing

Share your Remote Stand Plan with the airport’s accounts team, ensuring accurate billing. Updates are immediately visible to all stakeholders.

Customisable access control

Grant tailored access to various stakeholders, allowing them to view, request, or modify gate information based on their roles and responsibilities.

Want to learn more about our Remote Stand Plan module? Contact our sales team, and we’ll show you the full power of what AeroCloud can do.

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