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Flight Management

View all daily scheduled flights at a glance

AeroCloud’s Flight Management System module (FMS) collates all flight data using multiple sources, including ADS-B, and it is aggregated to provide the most accurate real-time data available.

  • View all daily flights scheduled for the current day
  • Interrogate your data using our easy-to-use dashboard
  • Search schedules up to 60 days forward
  • Track inbound and outbound flights using our Situational Awareness module
  • Track peaks and troughs in demand using our Passenger Prediction module (commercial airports only)

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Features and Benefits of AeroCloud’s Flight Management System module

AeroCloud’s intelligent Flight Management System (FMS) collates all flight data into one real-time dashboard.

Smart integration

Any changes, automatic or manual, filter through to the dashboard, GMS and FIDS modules and flight queries.

Accurate real-time data

View all daily flights scheduled for the current day. Search schedules up to 60 days in advance. Track back to the start of your original implementation with AeroCloud.

Pinpoint accuracy

Track all inbound and outbound flights automatically. Add in new flights as needed. Measure on-block and off-block times to inform on usage. When aggregated, this data provides a detailed overview of daily ops at your airport.


Our intelligent airport management platform is cloud-native meaning you can access your data anytime and anywhere.

Passenger Prediction

Commercial airports purchasing this module also get access to our Passenger Prediction software. Based on machine learning algorithms, it uses historical data to estimate passenger numbers accurately. Use this data to understand and plan for peaks and troughs in demand.

Want to learn more about our Flight Management System module? Contact our sales team, and we’ll show you the full power of what AeroCloud can do.

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