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Our technology is revolutionizing airport operations

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Modular technology, seamless scalability and unrivalled efficiency

Our cloud-native intelligent Airport Management Platform harnesses the power of predictive AI and machine learning. Coupled with AeroCloud Optic, our industry-first track and count technology and our range of Common-Use Passenger Processing and Self-Service solutions, AeroCloud’s technology is revolutionizing airport operations across the globe.

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The perfect partner for Airports

Solve inefficient gate and stand management, using AI and Machine Learning.

Make data-driven decisions with real time analytics on the move.

Reduce wait times, improve operational responsiveness, automate tasks and improve the passenger experience.


Key Features

  • Cost-effective, modular and scalable
  • Unlimited users and configurable roles
  • We don't charge for licences
  • Accurate, real-time data
  • Automates manual tasks
  • Improves stakeholder collaboration
  • Available 24/7 on any device
  • A* product and customer support

Benefits of Choosing AeroCloud

Improves collaboration

Enhance communication and coordination across your airport’s teams and stakeholders

Unlimited users and configurable roles

Customize access for different roles, ensuring everyone gets the information they need”

Cloud-native and mobile-compatible

Benefit from a scalable platform that’s accessible on any device, even from home

Cost-effective and modular

Get the features you need without paying for extras, making it a powerful and affordable solution

Automates manual tasks

Save time by automating tasks and streamline your operations in as little as 48 hours

Built on leading-edge AI ML technology

Stay ahead with a fast, lightweight, and flexible platform that meets your evolving needs

What challenges does AeroCloud solve?

Do you have issues with excessive security queues impacting passenger experience?

AeroCloud’s Common Use Passenger Processing solutions and AeroCloud Optic, real-time passenger track and count technology enable airports to manage check-in, optimize passenger flow and allocate resources efficiently.

As a result, security queues are significantly reduced, ensuring a smoother and faster airport experience for passengers.

Do you need real-time passenger data, which you can access away from anywhere to help manage passenger pinch points?

AeroCloud’s intelligent Airport Operations System uses real-time AI-driven passenger prediction to support planning. Our innovative Self-Service solutions streamline check-in and enhance resource allocation. By optimizing passenger movement and efficiently managing staffing resources, AeroCloud effectively minimizes queue wait times, delivering a more enjoyable airport experience.

Are you looking for a better way to manage RONS?

AeroCloud’s Remote Stand Plan offers a centralized online airfield map, allowing for efficient coordination and management of RONs and long-term parking, resulting in optimized aircraft placement.

By maximizing space utilization and minimizing the need for manual coordination, airports can reduce operational costs and enhance overall efficiency.

Are long queues at check-in creating headaches? Enhance passenger flow with our Common Use Self Service technology

AeroCloud’s Self-Service solutions streamline the check-in process by enabling passengers to swiftly handle check-in and boarding procedures, reducing wait times and congestion at check-in counters.

This efficient, user-friendly system enhances the airport experience, increasing passenger satisfaction and a smoother travel journey.




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