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What’s your background working with airports and in aerospace?

I’ve been working with airports, airlines, and the transportation sector in technology sales roles since 2014. My focus has always been data-driven approaches to solving operational challenges both in the terminal and on the airside.

I am passionate about partnering with customers and product teams to deliver innovative technology solutions that improve the lives of the end users, and the passengers they serve.

Why have you joined AeroCloud?

I've joined after witnessing AeroCloud deploy AI-driven gate management systems at airports overnight, and in the process save 80% on IT and maintenance costs.

Since coming onboard, I've been able to see for myself that they are unequivocally the most innovative and customer-centric software company in the aviation space.

What do you hope to achieve with AeroCloud?

My goal is to help airports in North America see innovation as not just attainable, but absolutely necessary. It is crucial that airports adapt to the changing environment. They need to remodel how they operate, how they interact and partner with airlines and other business partners, and how they solve problems and procure technology.

When you’re not helping airports solve operational challenges, what do you like to do?

Hanging out with my wife, friends, trying to tire out our restless Husky mix, surfing when there are waves at local beaches, or enjoying the great restaurants that New York has to offer.

You can connect with Andrew via LinkedIn