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Employee Spotlight – Richard Stokes

7th August 2023

Meet Richard Stokes, Senior Software Engineer at AeroCloud! We caught up with Rich to discuss some of the exciting work at AeroCloud and what drives him within his career.


Headshot and quote from Richard Stokes, Senior Software Engineer at AeroCloud


What drives your passion working within the Aviation industry?


“I’ve been a software engineer/architect in the aviation industry my entire career (now almost 25 years). It’s incredibly satisfying to know that my work helps airports operate even more effectively. Travelling through an airport running software I’ve written is always a treat!”


How has the development of technology impacted your experience working with the aviation industry over time?


“There have been huge changes in technology since starting my career. Many (most!) of the technologies I used initially are now completely obsolete. Modern languages/frameworks and cloud technologies allow us to achieve much more in much less time. But ultimately, customers still rightly demand quality products that meet their needs and many of the lessons I’ve learned over the years are still very relevant today.”


What was it that attracted you to AeroCloud?


“Having been at a traditional software supplier for a long time I’m really excited to work for AeroCloud as it scales and to experience the challenges and benefits that brings. Being able to utilise cloud technology to its full extent is particularly exciting to me.”


What do you hope to achieve whilst working at AeroCloud?


“I hope to be able to use my experience to help enhance our products and architecture to ensure we can always meet our customer’s demands and stay ahead of the competition”


What do you like doing outside of work?


“In my spare time I like hiking as well as techy things like 3D printing and electronics projects.”


Richard is part of our talented engineering team who design, create and build our amazing technology solutions that are revolutionizing airport operations right around the globe.

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