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Find Efficiency with AeroCloud’s Flight Management System Module

9th May 2022

With automatic, real-time inbound and outbound flight tracking, AeroCloud’s Flight Management System allows your Airport Operations team to track and manage flights efficiently, including updating, adding and removing flight data and keeping up to date with diverted flights.


The grid layout view can be customised so you can see the information that’s important to you, allowing you to see if flight information has been updated easily, and with the option to receive notifications for individual flights, you can keep up to date.


With the ability to export data directly from the Flight Management System, you can create custom reporting to suit your needs, keeping stakeholders informed with accurate data. Coupled with our Flight Query database, you can search historical flight data on over 15 attributes, including tail numbers, origin/destination, airline and gates, to understand performance and usage better.


Why choose AeroCloud’s Flight Management System?

  • Stay up to date. With reliable, real-time updates, you can easily keep track of arrivals, departures and diverted flights.
  • Be informed. Easily see flight schedule changes such as delays, cancellations or diversions; you can even choose to be notified of updates to specific flights.
  • Empower your Airport Operations team. With control of user privileges, anyone in your airport can access the system, and you control who can do what.
  • Be unique. Easily export and manipulate monthly or real-time data to create your needed reports.
  • Support hybrid working. Built cloud-native from the ground up, AeroCloud’s system is scalable and available on any device – you can even run your operations from home.
  • Keep your airport moving. With 24-hour access to our support team directly from the platform, we are always here for you.

Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you and show you how AeroCloud’s state-of-the-art technology can empower your Operations team. Get in touch with us here.

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