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Joining Forces – The Ripple Effect

9th November 2022

Paul Secker, founder and CEO of Flight Solutions, reflects on his company’s recent fusion with AeroCloud.


The decision for Flight Solutions to join forces with AeroCloud has been a bold move. I’ve worked in this industry for twenty-seven years, one of the most exciting ventures I’ve participated in.


AeroCloud delivers comprehensive and innovative operational solutions to airports, a sector increasingly under pressure to minimise disruption and improve the experience for stakeholders and passengers. Combining cloud-enabled passenger processing expertise with AeroCloud’s scalable, intelligent airport management software gives the world’s leading airports the leading-edge operational technology needed to tackle such future challenges.


Energised by a passion for learning and evolving our solutions in partnership with airport operational teams, I have followed a similar journey to AeroCloud, working with a few key customers to showcase our products. We share a common vision of building and developing innovative solutions.


Bringing our two businesses together provides a fantastic framework to take our combined product set to the broader market. Our powerful management platform and cohesive team approach enhance our products’ capabilities, driving a ripple effect of much-needed change in the industry. As a result, airports can use AeroCloud’s modular product portfolio to streamline operations, and we can scale up to meet demand while continuing to innovate.


Looking ahead, AeroCloud is constantly assessing and keeping abreast of trends. Coming out of Covid-19, we understand that airports are looking to use technology to help to address staff shortages and improve the passenger experience.


Self-service continues to be at the forefront of airport operations improvement, and our product set already enables airports of all sizes to implement solutions affordably. Our self-service portfolio will continue to deliver innovations that make the technology accessible to more and more airports.


We will continue to provide airports, ground handlers and airlines with the tools to gain real-time insight into their operations and enhanced predictive intelligence and automation. We have already simplified passenger and baggage processing through our passenger self-service solutions and will carry on delivering further enhancements to these processes.


AeroCloud plans to launch additional products shortly, bringing further innovation to the industry. So keep an eye out for future announcements!


This merger will boost AeroCloud’s presence in the industry, offering a viable alternative to legacy providers. In addition, the robust product set and fresh innovation delivered by our combined capabilities now provide an excellent framework to build the next chapter of our business. We firmly believe that Airports Deserve Better and that we have a platform that will deliver.

Paul Secker joins as a Co-Founder and Director of Common Use at AeroCloud.


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