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From 23rd – 25th, May 2022, our CTO and Founder Ian Forde-Smith, Product Manager Danny Lee, Airport Engagement Officer Reece Darbyshire and Senior Airport Engagement Partner Harry Carson took to the first Smart Airports, Cities & Regions Conference & Exhibition in Vienna.

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The launch of this conference was an exciting opportunity for our team to chat with professionals from the industry and to show the world why AIRPORTS DESERVE BETTER.

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Whilst in Vienna, the team took away three key themes that are important for airports right now:

Sustainability: A theme that’s recurring not just in aviation, but in every sector, and will only become more important in the future as we continue to tackle the effects of global warming.

Airports are, rightly, in a growth period as they re-establish themselves and the level of traffic that they were managing pre-pandemic. The trick is balancing the need for growth with the equally important need to make an airport future focused. For example, Vienna has a solar farm on its grounds that supplies power to the terminal. Our team was lucky enough to visit it, and even snapped a pic in front of the panels!

Communications: With so many people involved in making an airport run smoothly, it can be difficult to communicate effectively with all the parties involved. Often, the teams are dealing with both airport staff and third-party contractors who need access to important data. Bad communication can slow down airport operations, which means airports are looking for more accessible cloud-based services.

Automation: We are seeing across the world the issue of talent shortage in many airports and the delays this is causing passengers. Airports desperately need to automate the process of updating information. Staff currently do this manually which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

What was most exciting for our team was the knowledge that AeroCloud can help to resolve these issues.

Our cloud-native Gate Management System reduces taxi time to and from the terminal saving fuel costs, which can help airlines and airports reach their sustainability goals.

Being cloud-native, our systems are available anywhere, on any device at any time, and with unlimited licences, all parties involved in the airport that need access to data can do so at any moment, which improves communications and efficiency.

We’ve developed AeroCloud with AI machine learning, which automates processes, enabling staff to focus on other front-of-house roles to keep the airport running smoothly.

Want to hear more? Get in touch with our team today to find out why your AIRPORTS DESERVE BETTER.

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