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AeroCloud Boosts Airport Efficiency with New Asset Management Module

8th August 2022

AeroCloud has announced the launch of Asset Management, an innovative new module. Designed to revolutionise management and repair processes, the module builds on AeroCloud’s mission to improve airport efficiency.


Asset Management allows airports to manage and track the status of all airport assets and consumables and offers transparency of outstanding repair work.


This innovative module allows users to access an interactive map to pinpoint assets and consumable stored locations to exact coordinates. Users can deep dive into assets that have outstanding repairs, set custom stock level alerts, and keep on top of expenditures.


By merging operations, maintenance communications and workflows, AeroCloud’s new module allows airports to reduce turn-around-times and better allocate stretched human resources.


George Richardson, CEO at AeroCloud, says: “Our focus is on improving airport efficiency, and we’re constantly looking at ways to achieve this. We know airports deserve better, and by improving asset management and repair processes, we are making it happen. This will be a game-changer, and we look forward to seeing it in action.”


Asset Management is designed to be integrated into AeroCloud’s Inspection Management module, enabling operators to keep track of all legal inspections and service requests. AeroCloud’s platform has unlimited user licenses and can be accessed on any device with 3G capability. Alternatively, airports can use the Asset Management module as a stand-alone product.


Get in touch to learn more about this new module and AeroCloud’s wider product portfolio.

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