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Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)

24th May 2023

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport opened in 1942 near the west coast of Florida. It handles over 1.5m passengers a year and over 100,000 aircraft operations.

Lionel Guilbert is Senior Vice President of Operations & Public Safety at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ). He is responsible for ensuring passengers and aircraft get where they need to go. In 2019 he and the airport’s procurement team opened a tender to look for a new airport operations management platform.

“We got four proposals, and AeroCloud immediately stood out as they were by far the cheapest. We didn’t think one of the big legacy systems would work for us, as you end up paying a lot for features you don’t use. But with AeroCloud, we could choose which parts of the platform we needed. We then invited all four suppliers to demonstrate their platforms, and we thought AeroCloud did the best demo,”

When Lionel met up with AeroCloud CEO George Richardson at a conference, he became truly convinced.

“They had our live data in the platform, and I could immediately see how it could make our lives easier. Our old method used a lot of paper in the process, and moving to the cloud got rid of all that,”

So, what’s it like working with AeroCloud?

“The implementation was really fast, and everyone at AeroCloud understood what we were trying to do. The team always put themselves out to help solve any problems we have. They’re more like a partner – they involved us in the development of their FIDS mobile app, for example, which is now something we use at the airport.”

Lionel was keen to explain how easy the platform is to use.

“AeroCloud is intuitive – we have tenants who use it occasionally, and they never struggle to remember how. Because I’m ultimately responsible for all operations, I check AeroCloud when I’m at home – I can do it on my phone. And my son likes to check in on it too – he’s ten and thinks he can manage an airport better than his dad. With AeroCloud, maybe he could. But I won’t let him find out.”

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