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AeroCloud Systems provides innovative IT solutions for the aviation sector. We are challenging the current market with proactive and nimble development, fast execution and unrivalled support via our unique Intelligent Airport Management system (iAM).

There has been considerable market consolidation over the past few years with airports and airlines alike, seeing their requirements increasingly sidelined or ignored. They are starved for choice when it comes to IT vendors. Inevitably, this is stifling innovation, agility and value.

We have an experienced team with a comprehensive range of skill sets in aviation software.

Our ethos is simple: Listen to clients and deliver what they need.

Intelligent Airport Management®

At the core, a cloud-based solution capable of running an airport through revolutionizing the way information is processed and presented in real time without the need for huge investment in infrastructure and hardware. Accessed via web browser, iAM gives airports next level freedom in operations.

Our data feed is compiled from AeroCloud’s own Ai, passenger-collected data and machine learning alongside FAA SWIM, US DoT and OAG.


Lease Management

An extremely simple-to-use cloud-based management system giving you total control and notifications to aid your cash flow. Allows you to make data-driven real estate decisions.

  • Key data input + company contact management
  • Storing + managing your agreements
  • Bespoke invoicing + automatic invoice generation
  • Concessions management and events
  • Notifications and ticklers
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The liberation of passenger processing and recording through cloud-based technology brings the power of passenger data into airport ownership. AeroCloud works alongside airports to upgrade passenger experience.

  • ScanPod®
  • Common use E-DCS
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Gate utilization and remote stand planning delivered effortlessly via the cloud. Gate/stand management with innovative visualization plus capability of recording remote stand usage, which many of today’s resource allocation systems tend to omit from their day-to-day operational and future tactical views.

  • Auto turnaround matching
  • Auto tows + tow management
  • Real time data sync + updates
  • Full access to historical data
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Next level information display systems delivered in real time via the cloud.

  • FIDS
  • BIDS
  • GIDS
  • MIDS
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